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Melbourne Cup Calcutta 2019!

It’s back in 2019; the ExServos Melbourne Cup Calcutta


It’s back in 2019; the ExServos Melbourne Cup Calcutta. This coveted event will be held on Melbourne Cup Day (5 November 2019). This is shaping up to be a fantastic event again in 2019.

Tickets can be purchased at the TAB or the Main Bar.


1. Tickets on sale at the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club, with maximum sales of 10,000 tickets, which is the equivalent of $10,000 maximum prize pool.

2. Tickets at $1.00 each, and numbered numerically from 00001 onwards.

3. The Calcutta will be conducted on the runners of the 2019 Melbourne Cup.

4. The draw of the Calcutta will take place at the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club on Tuesday 5 November 2019 from 11.30am.

5. The promoter is the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club (ABN 90 000 858 364).

6. A notice of prize winners will be via a telephone call on Melbourne Cup Day, and via internal written notices within the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club.

7. The percentage payouts will be in accordance with the accompanying rules, expenses of printing, promotion and the application fee will be paid from normal Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club monies.

8. The rules of the Calcutta will be distributed to those people attending the auction, and read out prior to the commencement of the Calcutta draw.

9. The Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club will ensure that the minimum amount of the prize pool is $5,000.


The draw for the horses will be in the following manner:

1. From a draw barrel, a ticket bearing the name of a horse will be drawn. Immediately following, a Calcutta ticket will be drawn from a separate barrel. The name of the horse and drawer will be displayed in view of the persons attending the Calcutta.

2. The auction for the horses will be the longest priced horse to the shortest price horse.

3. A progress total of the prize pool will be announced periodically. As there is a guaranteed minimum pool, the organisers will keep a record of the progress of the horse sales and once the advertised amount has been reached, all monies raised in excess of this amount will be added to the prize pool.

4. All payments for the horses must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. Payment must be made by cash or Eftpos. Should a bidder fail to pay, the horse will be re-auctioned.

5. The drawer of the horse must sell a half share, whereby in the event of the horse being placed First, Second or Third, he/she shares the prize money with the buyer.

6. The drawer of the horse may sell a full share. In this case, the drawer keeps half of the bid, the other half is included in the prize pool. The buyer then becomes the outright owner of the horse.

7. If a drawer of a horse is not present, and there are no instructions to the contrary, a half share of the horse will be sold.

8. Prizes as follows: First: 70% of prize pool; Second: 20% of prize pool; Third: 10% of prize pool.

9. All bids are “All In”. If a horse is scratched, no refunds will be given.

10. Syndicates must divide their winnings themselves. The Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club takes no responsibility for the distribution of funds amongst members of the syndicate.

11. The CEO/Secretary Manager or his nominee reserve the right in their absolute discretion to rule any entry invalid and he/she be the sole arbitrator of any dispute or difference raised by any entrant in this promotion and his/her decision shall be final and binding on all participants in this promotion.

12. In accordance with Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club Staff Policy and Procedures (Ref: HR042 and HRP042), staff are eligible to enter the promotion in line with the Staff Policy and Procedures. Board Members are eligible to take part.

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Tuesday 5th November